Database financial valuation

Database financial valuation

Data plays a growing role in the digital economy. Controlling and managing them is a guarantee of value for the company and contributes to the renewal of business models.

Databases are therefore immaterial assets that should not be overlooked, often complementary to software solutions and services delivered through connected objects (Internet Of Things).

Finantis Value carries out financial valuation studies of your databases.

To do this, we first validate the lawfulness of your databases, operational and legal protection, compliance with the European regulation regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR). Once these points are analyzed, we focus on estimating the value of your databases through the following :

  • Nature of the data composing the database
  • Process of constitution and update of the database
  • Data treatments
  • Data contribution to the value creation in the company
  • Business models of activities based on the exploitation of these data
  • Data Risk Management
  • History of claims or disputes concerning the Data management
  • etc.

At the end of our study, we provide our clients with a detailed report outlining our analysis, our recommendations and our quantified conclusions.

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