Finantis Value adopts strict professional ethics, which is necessary to carry out our missions, in order to ensure full independence, a high level of quality and respect of the confidential nature of the information we deal with.

Strict duty of independence

The Finantis Value Evaluators carry out their mission with fairness, loyalty, integrity and impartiality.

The Finantis Value Evaluators do not receive any remuneration related to the final value specified in the deliverables, so that the sincerity of their approach cannot be questioned. Thus any remuneration cannot be directly or indirectly indexed on the final value.

The Finantis Value Evaluators endeavor to ask their client for any information concerning the context and the aims associated with any evaluation submitted to them. He ensures that they are not in a situation of potential conflict of interests.

The Finantis Value Evaluators stand out from any conflict of interests. If a conflict of interests is proven, Finantis Value cannot accept a mission in this context.
If there is any doubt as to the proven nature of the conflict of interests, Finantis Value is entitled to ask their Client to produce a document that eliminates any risk of conflict of interests. This document has to stipulate the agreement of all stakeholders concerned and include their original signature.
Any agreement signed between the stakeholders in order to establish the absence of a conflict of interests has then to mention at least:

• identification of the stakeholders
• characterization of the context suggesting a conflict of interests
• precise definition of the valuation mission scope
• definition of the objectives and impacts of the said financial valuation which must be brought to the full knowledge of the stakeholders
• non-aggression commitment on the basis of any work resulting from the valuation mission and / or commitment not to use any deliverable or deliverable extract of Finantis Value to justify any claim, whatever it is, against one of the stakeholders.
• each stakeholder undertakes to sign the document with full knowledge of the facts and certifies having resorted, or knowingly waived, to any external and independent legal advisor.  Such advisor must not be subject to a conflict of interests, in connection with the commitment taken and any context relating to the primary suspicion of a conflict of interests.
• dates, “read and approved” statement, stakeholders identification and signatures

The quality of evaluator is incompatible with any act or behavior likely to undermine their independence that they must safeguard in all circumstances. Thus, they undertake to abstain from any act or behavior likely to undermine it.

The Finantis Value Evaluators undertake to refuse any mission where they would have an interest in the transaction, either in their personal status or because of their present or past functions, and they specify the reasons.

The same is true if the relationship they have had with the client or prospect does not allow them to conduct the valuation with complete freedom and independence of mind. In particular, they must ask themselves whether any third party will have reason to doubt their independence.

The Finantis Value Evaluators cannot, directly or indirectly, grant, solicit or accept an undue favor or advantage for themselves or for any other person, from any organization or person concerned, in any capacity whatsoever or, by the operation in which the assessment is made. They must not, in their actions and decisions, be influenced by any form of reward, advantage or subsequent gain.

The Finantis Value Evaluators treat any attempt to pressure and interfere in their mission as inadmissible.

Commitment of quality and confidentiality in its intervention

During their mission, the Finantis Value Evaluators agree to follow the company’s methodology and to implement at least two valuation methods adapted to the context and nature of the mission, and to characterize the assumptions they considered where appropriate, or to make explicit reference to the information enabling to advance their assumptions or conclusions.

The Finantis Value Evaluators respect any standard or best practices in force in their expertise area, that is financial valuation.

In their deliverables, the Finantis Value Evaluators apply to write their conclusions in an accessible way with respect to the direct and indirect recipients of the valuation.

The Finantis Value Evaluators must respect the confidential nature of the information that they have been aware of in the exercise of their mission.

The Finantis Value Evaluators cannot use privileged information obtained during any mission for personal gain.

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