Trademarks portfolio: how to manage it?

Management of trademarks portfolio. Finantis Value assists you in the valuation of intangible assets and in your management strategy.

Finantis Value offers strategic support in the management of your brand portfolio. Our multidisciplinary skills enable us to propose a range of services regarding trademark strategy, management, and brand valuation.

Our know-how is based on our ability to monitor market trends, brand strategies, and product innovation. Brand stakes, if identified and managed, enable sustainable business growth. The management of the trademarks portfolio involves a strategic knowledge of the market, the development and valuation of brands, and financial communication around the intangible assets that accompany any roadshow.

Our methods are based on our experience, acquired for more than 10 years in partnership with our customers, but also through the research carried out around the value of the trademarks and the analysis tools we have developed.

Our expertise is based on a high technical level and on our ability to link strategy, finance, technology, marketing and evaluation techniques.

Image source : Interbrand 2016


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