Estimating intangible assets: a code of ethics has to be respected

As an intangible asset appraiser, we regularly hear reports of questionable practices in an unclear or not really regulated profession.

It happens to find valuations for which the impartiality of the appraiser is far from proven.
Industrial Property attorneys sometimes estimate the patents that their company files … How to independently assess the legal quality of this IP rights in this case?

It also happens that valuers are paid according to the value they came to. How then to ensure that the appraiser did not inflate his calculations to optimize his bill?

Finantis Value therefore strives to adhere to clear ethical rules aimed at ensuring the transparency, independence and impartiality of its valuations. Among other established principles, we are not related to any actor filing patents or trademarks for example and our remuneration is systematically fixed. Similarly, we have a transparent policy regarding the management of conflicts of interest. The customer is thus assured that the valuation we carry out for him is independent and impartial.

In addition, by relying on a multidisciplinary team and independent partners ( Intellectual Property (IP) Attorneys, tax experts, experts in computer systems …), we also strive to consider all the characteristics of the assets we have to value. We study the legal, technical, strategic, marketing and financial aspects, to appreciate all the strengths and weaknesses of the assets. We perform a real “due diligence” in order to provide the most documented valuation possible, and to meet accounting, tax, legal or financial requirements and also providing investors with reliable information.


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