Finantis Value

Today, 60 to 90% of the value of companies rely on their intangible assets (brands, trademarks, patents, softwares, digital projects, know-how, contracts, trade secrets …). These assets guarantee their development and innovation capital.

Considering this fact, Finantis Value supports companies in their strategy of management and development of intangible assets in terms of:

  • Finance: financial valuations of intangible assets (brands, trademarks, patents, softwares, digital products, know-how, trade secret…), companies financial valuation, financial engineering,
  • Innovative assets management: capital operations, audit, due diligence, optimization of their protection, development of their value.
  • Accompanying financial communication,
  • Estimating goodwill and PPA (purchase price allocation)

For Finantis Value, innovation is capital.


  • WIPO neutral (World Intllectual Property Organization)
  • IFEJI Expert (French Institute of International Experts)
  • Member of CNCEF (French Chamber of Financial Experts)

The economic environment encourages companies to perform valutations and to ensure control of their intangible assets, and the risks arising from their commercial development.

We propose to support you in the monitoring and estimate of your intangible assets. The management and valuation of innovations, as well as their image, enable companies to ensure their development and long-term strategy.

Financial information related to your intangible assets requires a communication in accordance with the needs of your investors.

We assist you in your developments and in the valuation of your assets. Thus we help you to ensure the robustness of your brands and patents defense strategy, but also of all your processes related to innovation.

We put our expertise at the service of the management of these issues in order to enable you to improve your performance, your financial communications and to achieve your goals.



  • Providing technical support, estimating intangible assets, assisting your financial communication.
  • Supporting your teams, during investigations or acquisitions, to value the acquired assets .
  • Enable you to manage your portfolios of intangible assets in order to ensure the reliability of your management and financial communication.

Finantis Value is a recognized player in this market.
Our interventions are carried out by experienced professionals with a thorough knowledge of the assets valuation, the corporate world, legal and financial issues.

Our associates and our 30 employees are highly specialized in various fields.

Our methodology meets national and international standards and is suitable for any company.

Our availability is permanent. It corresponds to our conception of customer service. Our priority is to ensure a highly professional quality.

Being fully involved with our customers is the essential component of the service we provide, this spirit has been acquired from a wide and diversified clientele.